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Cake Express Faridabad

About Us

Cake Express is a name in the market of bakeries and cake shops which not only the young and the kids admire but also the people of any age whether even they are adults are fond of the cakes that are baked in Cake Express. We at Cake Express show our feelings, love and care through our cakes and thus we believe that you also not only cherish the cherry toppings on our cakes but actually rely on us for the best quality of the cakes in Faridabad, isn’t it? 

Faridabad is one of the largest cities in the south-eastern part of New Delhi and it belongs to Haryana state. Not only the city has various historical landmarks to see but also it is one of the fastest industrially developing regions in the country. Being situated in close proximity to the capital city of the country, it is developing excellently well in the recent times. With various industries coming into the market of the city, there are people who are coming from different parts of the country as well. And we are grateful to all of them who come to us and have our cakes and enjoy every bit of the same. 

With the experience in baking cakes for last 15 years for the people of the Northeastern region, we are now familiar with your tastes and preferences. We know how particular you are about the tastes and choice of the ingredients that you want in your cake. We respect your particularity and thus we buy ingredients which are of premium quality and available rarely in the local markets. We choose the best of the ingredients to provide the best of the taste to our customers that is you. One of the most important factors that we keep in mind that is the health of our customers and that is why we not only choose the premium quality ingredients but also the freshly picked ones. The fresh ingredients in turn not only provide health benefits to the customers but also a great feeling to the taste buds. 

We select not only the premium ingredients but also the some of the rarest ingredients to give your taste buds completely new flavors of cakes and pastries whenever you order from us. The experience we gathered in the last 15 years helps us understand the perfect blending of the cakes really well. We produce not only the regular cakes that you see in any of the cake shops but we also customize cakes for every occasion of yours and whenever you want to taste our cakes. 

Every occasion is different and we understand that and thus we have different types of ideas for customization of the cakes to suit the particular event or the occasion. Don’t you think that is a great idea over the similar kind of cakes you eat every time? It is important to taste the difference in your cakes every time you order something from us. We are one of oldest cake deliveries in Faridabad and we have various products and services for you. 


When we started back in 2004, we had only one thing in our mind and that is we want to change the feeling of eating cakes within our customers. And in this 15 years, we have come away and we believe that our vision that is to provide customers with fresh tastes of cakes has been fulfilled but we have a long way to go as well. We wanted to change the way people eat cake, cakes are emotions not only a piece of food for us and I believe not for you as well. And that is what we aim at to deliver the best quality of cakes with the richness of cream, sugar, the softness of the bread and yummiest of the flavors to your doorstep and even if you come to our shops. 


Our mission at Cake Express in Faridabad has always been delivering the best quality of the cakes to the customers in the city and that too at an affordable range. Our cakes are not the way too expensive and we know how to take care of our customers. We believe in work etiquette and thus we take care of each and everything involved in the process of making great scrumptious cakes. We want to be the most sought-after cake shop and bakeries in the city and with your unconditional love for our cakes, we are nearing that very soon. We believe in giving it back to our customers and that is we also provide various combo offers so that our customers are happy with us not only with the taste of the cakes but also about the money matters. 


At Cake Express Faridabad, you will get cakes of various flavors from strawberries to dark chocolates and much more out of which there are many names which you might never hear of. We also have other items like flowers for birthdays and anniversary celebrations, gift items of various range and type. You can send a bunch of flowers chosen by you which are your better half’s favorite through us while you are away with her favorite dark chocolate cakes. The flowers are also exotic as well as common flowers which are available to us. You can choose any of the flowers and gift items to deliver to your loved ones. 


You can send a bunch of flowers chosen by you which are your better half’s favorite through us while you are away with her favorite dark chocolate cakes. If you have your kids waiting for you to come home early on their birthday but you are stuck with your work at the office, make sure to call us up in the meantime and we will reach with your child’s favorite cake and other goodies to make the little birthday kid happy till you come home.

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